Charleston Design Inspiration

One of the best things about living in Charleston is that inspiration is everywhere! Just wandering around downtown on a pretty day can keep me going artistically for weeks. Here are some of my favorite pictures from a recent walk:


The city is coming alive for Charleston Wine + Food - if you're in town and hanging out at Marion Square, you're just across the street from the Art Mecca - come say hey!

New Year: Clean Studio

Charleston is fairly quiet in January, but it doesn't last long. Today is the first warm day we've had in a couple of weeks and visitors are happily wandering Upper King outside of The Art Mecca, enjoying the sunshine. If you're in Charleston this year, stop by and say hello. I'm at the Farmer's Market in Marion Square every Saturday until 2:00 p.m., orcome by The Art Mecca and see my studio while it's still clean!